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All Thomas Kinkade sculptures begin with sculpting and re-sculpting soft clay. In sculpting, the clay form of the sculpture presented by the artist is just one step in the creation process. This clay version is completely destroyed when the initial molds are made. The finished metal casting, made from those molds, are all first generation castings of the sculpture. Therefore, each sculpture is an original casting, making each piece an original and subsequently, much more valuable.

   Prince of Peace Sculpture                    

The Prince of Peace

Standard Numbered Edition Size: 150
Artist Proof Edition Size: 30
Presentation: Height 11.75" x Width 9.5" x Depth 4"

    No portraits means so much to the faithful as the likenesses of Jesus Christ that adorn countless churches and inspire us with a sure sense of His wisdom and spirituality, His divine sensitivity to human suffering. Prince of Peace is inspired by my painting by the same title that inspired and comforted so many of you.

    I'm very pleased by the graceful inclination of Our Lord's head, which seems to link him to heaven and earth, and by the wonderfully subtle delicacy of His features, which so perfectly express His wise compassion.

    -Thomas Kinkade


Faith - Sculpture            Thomas Kinkade Hand Sculpting


Standard Numbered Edition Size: 150
Artist Proof Edition Size: 30
Presentation: Height 13.75" x Width 9.5" x Depth 7"

     I believe that great projects should be launched with a prayer. Faith, which starts up our new Kinkade sculptural program, is quite literally my prayer that this new artistic direction for the company will open up worlds of aesthetic pleasure for the family of Kinkade collectors.

    You see, these are my hands folded in prayer - sculpted as accurately as I could make them, down to the smallest detail. My hands are the hands of an artist - strong, sure, disciplined, gracefully self-assured. When I pray, I like to think that my hands command the moment, as I believe they do here, in Faith.

    -Thomas Kinkade

Heading Home Sculpture  

   Heading Home

    Standard Numbered Edition Size: 50
    Artist Proof Edition Size: 30
    Presentation: Height 18" x Width 6" x Depth 6"

   The soldier is alone... as he is never alone in battle.

    The weight of all he has seen and done, of the pain he has borne and the trials he has overcome bear down on his broad shoulders. The soldier's personal war is over: he is Heading Home.

    I did not choose to show the warrior's face in my painting of the homecoming veteran. The hero of Heading Home is not an individual at all; he is the essence of the American soldier. We cannot tell whether he returns from Normandy, from Saigon, from Beirut. In a sense, he has spilled his blood on all those fields of honor.

    Like all of us, the soldier walks the path of his life and finds himself under God's watchful eye, alone. He is bathed in a golden light that can only be called "heavenly." Like all God's children, his ultimate destination is a heavenly home, where he can know the sweet peace of divine love.

    We cannot know whether he is Heading Home to hearth and family, to the pleasures of domestic love and a joyful reunion, or whether he may be returning instead to the bliss of heaven, which is the perfection of those earthly pleasures.

    We can only wish him a joyful homecoming, and say a sublime word of thanks to the hero's of every generation!

                                                                                                             -Thomas Kinkade

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