Pocahontas - Colors of Love

Publish Date: December 2017

Image Sizes: 12"x18",18"x27", 24"x36", 28"x42


As the evening sun retreats beyond the ship, Susan Constant, and the horizon, a new connection is forming

between two distant worlds. The artists at Thomas Kinkade Studios have brilliantly captured one of Disney’s

most successful box office hits in one scene entitled, “Pocahontas.”

Immersed in traditional Kinkadian light reflecting off the water and illuminating the entire scene, many of 

the animated characters from the movie are scattered throughout this narrative panorama.

The extraordinary life and indomitable spirit of a truly remarkable Native American heroine is celebrated

through the artistry and storytelling magic of this painting. “Pocahontas” is a compelling tale of a brave,

compassionate young woman who loves nature and “listens with her heart” to help her choose which path

to follow.

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