Italian Cafe

Italian Cafe

Italian Cafe

Publish Date: July 2017

Image Sizes: 12"x18",18"x27", 24"x36"


If a place could whisk away the troubles of the day, it would be here. Once a fisherman’s harbor,

now this quaint southern Sicilian village draws weekenders, beach-dwellers, and romantics. At every

turn, the streets and piazzas are lined with stalls of fresh and local food; aubergines, fish, zucchini,

tomatoes, and almonds.


For centuries, the shop keepers have watered down the quaint streets and entryways to limit the
dust and sand that had blown in overnight. As the day begins, a young lady fetches a loaf of bread
while a painter sets up his pallet and make-shift easel looking to capture the essence of the
Allow Thomas Kinkade Studios to draw you into the streets of Italy to the salty shores of the
Mediterranean Sea and everywhere in between with the release their newest painting, Italian Café.
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