Mickey and Minnie Sweetheart Bridge

Mickey and Minnie Sweetheart Bridge

Sweetheart Bridge

Title: Mickey and Minnie - Sweetheart Bridge

Publish Date: August 2016

Image Sizes: 12"x16",18"x24"


Thomas Kinkade was a life-long admirer of Walt Disney and the wonderful characters he created. While

Thom re-created many of his favorite Disney stories on canvas, he also envisioned classic Disney characters

set within traditional Kinkade images. In this painting from Thomas Kinkade Studios, his dream is proudly

brought to life.


Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse join hands on Sweetheart Bridge. Has Mickey come courting to Minnie’s
home? Surrounded by a flower-filled countryside, love appears to be in the air.
As in life, love is the bridge that brings people together and turns two lives into one. We hope you are
reminded of the gift of love in Mickey and Minnie - Sweetheart Bridge.
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