Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman

Trinity - Batman, Superman and Wonderwoman

 Batman, superman and Wonder Woman, Trinity I

Publish Date: June 2016

Image Sizes: 12"x18",18"x27", 24"x36"


Together, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman form an epic alliance of DC Super Heros, often

referred to as "The World's Finest Trinity". Individually, they are some of the most powerful characters in the

comic book universe, and united, they are virtually unstoppable. Fans around the globe have long celebrated

their bond and their legendary stories.


The Thomas Kinkade Studios is proud to present Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman: The Trinity I,

our first Limited Edition Art release paying homage to classic DC characters. In this scene, the trio is

preparing to fight an enemy in a place that evokes iconic memories from each hero's personal history.

From arch enemies and beloved friends to important dates, we invite you to explore the hidden salutes

we have included in this painting.


- Thomas Kinkade Studios

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