Reflections of Faith

Reflections of Faith

 Reflections of Light

Publish Date: May 2016

Image Sizes: 12"x18",18"x27", 24"x36"


With the busy lives we lead, setting time aside for personal reflection can be a challenge. The Places of

Reflection series was designed to create tranquil settings within your home - spaces free from distraction

that allow you to pause and reflect.


Reflections of Faith, the first painting in the collection, is the beginning of a personal journey. The

cobblestone path is an invitation to open our hearts and minds to God's love. We can clear our minds

of daily pressure, preparing us for a time of intimate prayer. The flowing fountain is an important point

of reflection - symbolic of life and all the blessings we have been given by our Creator. As we rest

here, our hearts are filled with God's grace as we focus on faith, family, and friendships.


- Thomas Kinkade Studios

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