A Mothers Perfect Day

A Mothers Perfect Day

 A Mothers Perfect Day

Publish Date: April 2016

Image Sizes: 12"x16",18"x24", 25.5"x35"


The bond between a mother and her child is born with the first flutter of life within the womb. It is an

immediate love - unconditional, all encompassing, boundless, and eternal. She is our first best friend,

our confidant, our inspiration. She is the foundation of the family, creating a warm home and traditions

that will last a lifetime.


Nothing is more treasured than the special moments, bid and small, that a Mother enjoys with her children.

A Mothers Perfect Day captures some of those moments - impromptu picnics, exploring nature, and playing

with favorite toys. No matter how many years have passed, these memories will always hold an important

place in Moms heart. This painting is a celebration of these times - a reflection of the best days of a 

mothers life.

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