Autumn in New York

Autumn in New York

Autumn in New York

 Image Sizes: 12"x18", 18" x 27", 24" x 36"

Publish Date: October 2015


There is so much to love in New York's Central Park that Thom would often spend hours alone there simply

wandering about, sketching, lost in his thoughts and communing with God in nature. Feeding the spirit

and filling the eye, the views of that grand city, fronted by the flora of the park, were absolutely perect

subjects for Thom's work in oil and he would never end such an excursion without new ideas and passions

to capture on canvas. "The colors and natural compositions of the place are sublime", he would

say and recognize it as being crafted by both the talented landscapists who laid out Central Parks design

and by the hand of the Creator who clearly blaessed this plot of land with a natural magnificence.


 Bow Bridge is one such landmark in the park that excited Thom’s artistic sensibility. The gentle curve of

the arch joining Cherry Hill to the Central Park Ramble, the magnicence of the New York skyline as the

leaves change color, and the tranquility of the day boaters enjoying a chilly afternoon on the lake, all add

to the romance of the scene and make it destined to become an instant Kinkade classic. Enjoy New York

as you view this masterwork from the Thomas Kinkade Vault. You can almost smell the fall air, hear the

wind in the trees, and see the light as it dances across the rippling water. Autumn in New York is the
perfect piece for those who love New York and for any whose heart tells them to visit. From everyone
involved with the Thomas Kinkade Company, we want to thank you all for sharing the light.
- Patrick Kinkade
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