San Francisco Lombard Street II

San Francisco Lombard Street II

San Francisco, Lombard Street II

Collection: San Francisco Collection XII
Image Sizes:18x24 / 25.5x34 / 30x40
Publish Date: July 2014

Few cities offered Thomas Kinkade the romantic inspiration that San Francisco brought to his canvas. A favorite for Thom even as a young boy, the City by the Bay was “the city for me” - with breathtaking vistas and stunning spectacles waiting to be captured by his artist’s brush.

Lombard Street, proclaimed “the crookedest street in the world,” was a frequent stop for Thom’s motorcycle and artist easel. Plunging down a steep and winding road through a profusion of flowers and romantic old homes, Lombard Street offers sweeping views of the City and Bay while gently reminding us of the twists and turns along the road of life. Looking back up Lombard Street, it’s easy to see that the way we came, though winding and uncertain, still brought us to the place we were meant to be.

From the Thomas Kinkade Vault, The Thomas Kinkade Company is proud to present
San Francisco, Lombard Street II, with the hope that you will keep the faith, stay the course… and find your way.

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