Away From It All

Away From It All

Away From It All

Publish Date: August 2012

Sizes: 20x16, 24x20, 30x24, 40x32


I was raised with the majestic views of the mighty Sierra-Nevada mountain range. 

As a boy, I would hike and camp surrounded by the clear evidence of God’s hand in creation. 

In “Away From It All”, I hope you feel the embrace of a loving God and most importantly

to center yourself in that comforting retreat as I did.

The moon watches over the forest’s transition from day to night as the lone fisherman returns

to his welcoming cabin after a long day on the river.  With the soothing sounds of the waterfall

and the crackling of the campfire, his faithful companion waits patiently for his return. 

It is my hope and prayer that as you journey with me, you will find the calm and inner peace

one can discover being “Away From It All”. God Bless!

                                                                                          -Thomas Kinkade


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