Gazebo of Prayer

Gazebo of Prayer

The Garden of Prayer IV

Publish Date: March 2012

Sizes: 18x27, 24x36

In my heart, gazebos are truly peaceful places. They seem to exist apart from the world
and beacon all of us inside the confines of the small world they capture. Children use
them in their fanciful play delighting their young imaginations. Lovers use them as a
retreat to share a romantic moment or perhaps a wedding vow. Wanderers use them as
a place of refuge, gently sheltering from the day’s brilliant sun. To my artistic eye, this
gazebo is a perfect place for those seeking a time of reverent renewal and a moment of
solitude to be with their God. The trees soften the light to create harmonies of shadow
and color enhancing the viewer’s experience. One can smell the fragrant floral aromas
gently drifting in this small sanctum of solitude. The birds happily sing in the trees as if
they were a church choir praising the creator and thanking Him for the grace given to this
heavenly garden. The spirit of our Lord fills every moment if we take the time to simply
look, listen and allow His presence to fill our hearts and provide guidance. Join me in the
“Gazebo of Prayer” where we can connect with providence often lost in hectic, everyday
life. God Bless.

                                                                  - Thomas Kinkade

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