Summers Heritage

Summer's Heritage

Publish Date: June 2011

Sizes: 12x18, 18x27, 24x36, 28x42

“Early in the morning, I will celebrate the light” a powerful and moving refrain written by
Byrd and Hindalong, and emblematic of the men and women that daily welcome in the
sun as they begin their elegant interlude with nature as its ordained stewards. America’s
heritage and character was forged on storied ranches and farmhouses that dot the plains
and foothills of our magnificent country. Everyday, the ranching and farming families …
nature’s caretakers … vest strength and energy caring for creation while in turn harvesting
its bountiful rewards. Yet their homesteads are so much more. They are a living canvas
replete with the strokes of abundance, the shadows of challenge and tough years, and the
sunlight of optimism that predicates the delicate partnership between them and nature.
And, they are above all else, places of excitement and wonder. While every season leaves
its indelible mark on the farm, summer yields the greatest rewards and adventure. During
summer, nature’s creatures harmonically roam the farm, the old reliable tractor makes quick
work of the harvest, and untold mysteries await those fortunate enough to visit the barn
and explore the pond always under the watchful yet permissive eye of dad or granddad.
What an amazing forge for rugged individualism, hard work, and the determination so
emblematic of our great land

As I thought of memorializing the impact of the family farms and ranches across our
country, I wondered at all the discoveries and adventure prepared daily for those fortunate
enough to enjoy the ranch. I imagined a grandfather starting his old reliable tractor early
in the morning surrounded by a cohort of animals oblivious to his chores and duties. Next
to him his faithful dog works his best for attention and fun … after all, look at all the room
to run! In the foreground, nature has adorned the entrance to this magnificent homestead
with beautiful flowers lazily enjoying the day. Not to be outdone, the horse reminds all
of his presence sheltered in the cool barn, yet yearning to run the plains and display the
magnificence of movement. The sky adds its calming charm ushering in a peaceful and
serene day while in the background a pond glistens with morning light. What a great
adventure for any youngster anxious to explore and leave a mark on granddad’s farm … the
tractor, the barn, the animals, trees and pond … could there be a better heritage afforded
by summer … could there be a better forge for character … not likely!

                                                                                       - Thomas Kinkade

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