A Century of Racing

A Century of Racing! The 100th Anniversary Indianapolis 500 Mile® Race

Publish Date: May 2011

Sizes: 18x27, 24x26, 28x42

A century…a lifetime…a profound legacy! Few endeavors have ascended such lofty heights
transcending time and generations. Yet, such is the Indianapolis 500®. Annually, its spectacle
drawing untold millions to witness the glory of road hardened warriors pitting wit, courage, and
their beloved cars against the very laws of physics as they hurl their way to victory and join the
pantheon of racing champions. Energy is palpable and electric as drivers jostle their respective
mechanical steeds in a battle of wills at the famed Brickyard. Securing its place in the noble lore
of the honorable and inspiring Volunteer State, the Indianapolis 500 is much more than a race…it
is a testament to the resiliency, determination, and character of our great nation. Whether pitted
against the backdrop of inclement weather or radiant with approving light, for 100 years the race
has captivated the imagination, beckoned future racers, and inculcated itself as one of the greatest
sporting events in history. It is a staple of every Memorial Day weekend and as American as any
tradition. Yet this year, more than any other, it stands tall as a testament to the resiliency of its
fans and participants to honor such lofty traditions irrespective of challenge. For 100 years, we
have come to witness the harnessing of destiny, the creation of champions, and the securing of an
indelible legacy!

As I painted my tribute to this amazing race, I was moved by the imprint of time on this event. Two
years earlier, I memorialized the 100th Anniversary of this storied track with my image entitled
Indy® Excitement, 100 Years of Racing at Indianapolis Motor Speedway®. In that tribute, I
painted the perspective from the multitudes of fans watching as their favorite drivers sped through
the oval. I honored the history of the event with time-sequenced cars being serviced in the pits,
from oldest to most current. Yet, in this image, I wondered at the thrill of viewing the race at track
level where each of these amazing warriors would engage in the challenge of winning this epic
race. I paid tribute to a century of competitors with yesteryears car racing against today’s elegant
machines. Along the track, the smoke and dust reminiscent of 100 years of racing billows as
cars round the oval towards the renowned-checkered flag. Adjacent to the track, fans spanning
generations and attired in appropriate garb, gather collectively willing their champions to victory
all the while feeling the sonic impact of each lap and wincing at the roar of passing cars. In the
horizon, sunlight gently adorns the clouds as sun approvingly sets on this year’s coronation of
Indy’s latest champion…what a legacy is this greatest of races. Kudos, Indy for 100 years of thrills
slowly and annually acquiescing to the storied checkered flag!

                                                                                                  - Thomas Kinkade

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