The Lion King


The Lion King

Publish Date: April 2011

Sizes: 12x18, 18x27, 24x36, 28x42, 40x60

“You’re Mufasa’s boy!” That exclamation is the seminal moment on which this magnificent
story of destiny, balance, and majesty turns and is one of my favorite lines in this most
moving of tales. Encapsulated in this statement is the affirmation of Simba’s rightful
position as heir and king. Yet despite his pedigree, Simba, besieged by imagined peccadillos
and guilt ridden, leaves the comfort and security of his home to make his own way in life.
After all, was it not he whose cavalier behavior caused the death of his beloved father…
running made sense and so he fled. Yet Rafiki would argue that you can’t outrun destiny…a
force whose role is ever present in this amazing journey evidenced by Simba’s fortuitous
encounter with two unlikely characters that would preserve Simba’s life, teaching him to
survive in the jungle, and whose friendship and support would eventually pave the way
to his long awaited coronation. Moved by his profound love for Nala, and Pumbaa’s and
Timon’s unwavering support, Simba summons the courage to embrace his destiny and
take his rightful place at Pride Rock; thus completing the circle of life, restoring balance to
the majestic African plains, and establishing himself in the long line of kings whose long
departed watchful eyes look down approvingly on his ascension.

As I painted my homage to this amazing story, I could not help but be moved by the intricate
interplay between all of the magnificent creatures under Simba’s domain. I imagined a
lush, colorful, and bountiful African plain rightfully reestablished to its splendor after
Simba vanquished Scar and his comedic, yet treacherous, hyenas each now forlorn in their
punishment. The multitudes of animals have been summoned to pay tribute to Simba’s
new baby and their future regent as they wait under a spectacular sky illuminated in great
anticipation. The world is as it should be…in harmony and perfectly balanced. Simba’s
heir is exalted by Rafiki and proudly symbolizes what awaits when destiny is embraced,
challenges faced, and one summons the courage to stand in the spotlight of providence. I
trust that this image will both remind you of this fantastic story and its amazing characters
and, most importantly, move you to face the future irrespective of history’s impasses
knowing that the watchful and approving eye of the King is content as you embrace your
place in the circle of life.

- Thomas Kinkade

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