Walk of Faith

thomas kinkade walk of faith

Walk of Faith

Publish Date: March 2011

Sizes: 12x18, 18x27, 24x36, 28x42, 40x60

Every now and then a painting takes on a life of its own while I am working on it. This was
surely the case with “Walk of Faith.” I originally envisioned creating a majestic garden scene
with pathways and waterfalls – a scene to capture the imagination and intrigue the eye.
However, as I painted this image, it began taking on such a heavenly appearance that I
could actually imagine a stroll through Heaven’s gardens. I envisioned an image of Christ
walking in the cool morning light of a garden and conferring with one of His disciples or
any of His children…that thought captivated me and filled me with great hope and faith.

At a church service in my youth, I remember seeing a similar painting of Jesus that has
always resonated with me and years later as I reflected on the powerful message of the
painting, I realized that this was my chance to create a composition reinterpreting this
magnificent scene. Here we see Jesus strolling comfortably with Peter. In his hands, Peter
holds the symbolic keys to God’s kingdom. I can only imagine what truths and insights
they are sharing. How marvelous to have the chance to listen in on the kind and insightful
words of the Savior as He patiently shares wisdom with those He loves.

I trust “Walk of Faith” will move you as it has me and allows you to feel the longing of being
in the garden with your Savior.

-Thomas Kinkade

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