San Francisco Giants, Its Our Time


San Francisco Giants, It's Our Time 
2010 World Series Champions

2010 World Series
12 x 18 /18 x 27/ 24 x 36
January 2011

Destiny is a term too often bantered about cheaply. Yet for our City by the Bay, whose beloved
Giants have fielded some of history’s most iconic players, 2010 was our time…the year that
destiny illuminated our Giants and elevated them to World Champions. Their rise to greatness
was no small matter. Collectively, we willed them to greater heights and year after year our
aspirations fueled their efforts as they finally etched their name into pantheon of champions. We
lived each moment through them…watching their inspired play, admiring their steely determination
and investing our unwavering support. We lived it, we felt it, we soaked it in and together
we basked in the greatness of our time!

As I set my easel to paint game one, I was immediately struck by the electric atmosphere and
energy of the game. The sea of orange Giant regalia swayed as fans moved with the rhythm of
the game. The sky provided a powerful backdrop with its almost palpable orange hues adorned
by the setting sun. Tributizing our beautiful Bay, I also adorned the San Francisco skyline and the
Bay Bridge with color and light as they welcomed the evening on that momentous day. To my
right, McCovey Cove teemed with activity as small flotillas eagerly anticipated home run
mementoes sure to rain down from their beloved Giants. All around me fans paid homage to
their favorite Giant hero. To my left, a young fan sporting a “fearsome” beard reveled in the
evening’s events. Vendors plied cotton candy, caramel corn, and peanuts adding to the color and
excitement of the evening. In every sense, each of us at the game and the millions of fans
around us that night lived in anticipation of the championship and now collectively delight in
our Giants. It’s our time! We are World Champions!


                                                                               Thomas Kinkade

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