Natures Paradise

Nature's Paradise

Mountain Retreat III
Size: 18"x 27" | 24" x 36" | 28" x 42" | 40" x 60"
Publish Date: January 2010 

    Great thinkers of the past have described God's creation as an earthly paradise - and nature herself as a reflection of God's grace and love. I suppose such romantic notions have always inspired me, and certainly have been a foundational part of my beliefs as an artist. In my newest work, I attempt to conceive of nature as existing in complete harmony in all its elements. We see rolling mountains that gather rain to fill streams that cascade into valleys forming lakes and ponds. We see clouds gathering overhead and a rainbow forming in the sky suggesting the passing moisture of distant rainfall. The skies are filled with migrating birds and wildlife is abundant. Everywhere we look, life is brimming forth with greater blessings. 

    In the midst of this perfect setting, I conceived of a perfect retreat: a woodsman's cabin, with lights glowing to welcome us home after a day spent fishing on the lake or exploring the woods' trails. 

    This is the third painting in the series that began with Mountain Retreat, and as the last piece in the series I wanted to pull out all the stops and let the detail be even more abundant than ever. As you explore this painting, may you discover that Nature's Paradise is waiting to welcome you in. 

    -Thomas Kinkade

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