Princess and the Frog















The Princess and the Frog

Disney Discoveries Collection I
Release Date: November 2009
Sizes: 12" x 18" | 18" x 27" | 24" x 36" | 28" x 42"

    Walt Disney said it all began with a mouse, and in the newest Disney movie classic you might say it all begins with a frog.The Princess and the Frog has been brought to life with hand-drawn animation techniques, making it the first Disney traditional animation classic in years as well as the first ever to be set in the enchanted city of New Orleans. In my painting I wanted to suggest the look of traditional animation yet maintain the sense of painterly mood that my work is known for. I lavished detail into the bayou flowers glowing with hidden fireflies, as well as the curving live oak draped with lacey Spanish moss.

    The characters of the movie swirl about the composition, inviting us to ponder the part each plays in the story. We see the large mansion of Big Daddy, resplendent with an evening's party on the bayou. The old riverboat churns its way into the bay as a flight of fireflies flickers overhead, and Ray, the senior statesman of the fireflies, ponders the vista. In an example of the blended time frame for which my Disney paintings are known, we see Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen being observed by the frogs who are Tiana and Naveen in a different form. In the billowing smoke of the riverboat we see a hint of Facilier, the evil voodoo master, while below Mama Odie stands guard in her swampy home. Lewis, the trumpet playing alligator, reminds us that New Orleans is at heart a musical city, and the riverboat guests behind him wave greeting to one and all. If you look carefully, you can spot other characters from the movie hidden around the composition, as well as a few unexpected "Disney visitors" from earlier classics.

    As with all my Disney paintings, The Princess and the Frog presents a narrative panorama - a combination of elements from the movie that attempts to present the entire story in one image. This is the first painting in my "Disney Discoveries Collection" - each one a tribute to a newly released movie destined to become a classic of animation.

    As the first piece in the series, The Princess and the Frog will no doubt experience an enthusiastic welcome by Disney and Kinkade fans worldwide. At its core, The Princess and the Frog painting, like the movie itself, portrays a romantic love story. And who can resist a love story?

    -Thomas Kinkade

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