Graceland Christmas
















Graceland Christmas

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Publish Date: October 2008

    When as a young man I first explored Elvis Presley's fabled estate, I was surprised to discover that Graceland is at once grand and surprisingly intimate. Elvis seemed to be an ordinary person with the same hopes and aspirations of anyone else.

    That is the spirit of Graceland Christmas, my second portrayal of the famous Graceland mansion. Here we see Elvis gathering presents in his role as family Santa. As he unloads gifts from the famous pink Cadillac, we are captivated by the twinkling tree lights that suggest the magic of the season. Colorful Christmas trees line the drive and the amber sunset suggests a frosty evening ahead. The glow from the porch and windows reminds us that all families, even that of the King of Rock'n Roll, will join joyously tonight to celebrate the season. I hope Graceland Christmas will be part of your Christmas celebration for many years to come.

    -Thomas Kinkade

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