Hometown Pride (Series)

















Hometown Pride

American Memories l

Publish Date: August 2002

Sizes: 18x24, 25.5x34

As America approaches the anniversary of our greatest challenge, I feel especially blessed to be

a citizen of this fair land. We have overcome every adversity and obstacle that has attempted to

erode the freedom and security we cherish.

    In "Hometown Pride," I'm trying to evoke the very essence of the American dream -the

peace and precious freedoms that continue to be our birthright. In his celebrated Four Freedoms

paintings, Norman Rockwell recognizes Freedom from Fear as one of the cardinal protections

Americans enjoy. That is the spirit-the message if you will-of this proud painting.

    - Thomas Kinkade




"Capitola Pride"
Edition limited to 295

25.5 x 34

"Santa Cruz Pride"
Edition limited to 295

25.5 x 34
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