Courage (Santa Cruz Lighthouse)



Life Values Collection II
Sizes: 18x27, 24x36, 28x42
Publish Date: January 2004

The moral order of God's universe is like an exquisite tapestry; the foundational values of the good life interweave in a seamless whole. 

In my Life Values Collection, I explore the connections between these divinely inspired values. "Perseverance," the first issue, considers life as a voyage through stormy seas - a test of faith and a demonstration of God's sustaining love. "Courage," my new Life Values painting, expands on the metaphor of a sea voyage, bringing us to the moment of divine inspiration, when God graces us with courage beyond the merely human - the resolve we need to overcome any obstacle. 

I make full use of a vocabulary of personal artistic symbols to convey this message: God rewards our perseverance with His gift of courage. Our lone sailor has come within sight of a lighthouse; the beacon of divine love will guide him to shore. Smoke curls from the chimney of the keeper's solid brick cottage, hinting at domestic comforts within. A sublime radiance breaks through the clouds, embracing the boat in its holy light.

I painted "Courage" at a time when I was especially grateful for God's hand of deliverance in my life. May it remind you that courage is, truly, a gift from the Almighty. 

-Thomas Kinkade

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