Pacific Nocturne


Pacific Nocturne

Archive Collection II
Size: 18x24
Publish Date: November 2004 

    I first developed my techniques for recreating the dazzling drama of natural light with works such as Pacific Nocturne, an early, rarely seen epic painting. On the occasion of my second wedding anniversary, Nanette and I re-visited our honeymoon hideaway at the coastal town of Mendocino, California, and there I gained the inspiration for capturing the glow of evening over the gently rolling surf. 

    In my painting, the sky is a peacock's tail of mauves, purples, and blues, as clouds of varying density filter the radiant setting sun. Sea foam bursts in an explosion of brilliant light against the massive coastal rock. The luminous translucence of the aqua wave shimmers with an internal fire. Sand gleams golden through the thin liquid skin of the receding surf. 

    In Pacific Nocturne I created one of my largest and most important early attempts to evoke emotion through landscape. Here, truly, is a romantic setting. The glow of moonlight symbolizing the glow of a loving heart suffuses the scene with its gentle radiance. The benign beauty of God's creation fills the eye and heart of all who love the splendor of creation. For many years, Pacific Nocturne hung in my own home as a private treasure - a personal memory of my early years of marriage. Now, for the first time, I share it with my collectors. 

    -Thomas Kinkade

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