Chicago, Winter at the Watertower


Chicago, Winter at the Water Tower

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Publish Date:   August 2004

    Nestled among the glass and steel giants of Chicago's Michigan Avenue, surrounded by some of the world's premier shopping and dining establishments, the "Water Tower" looms like a nostalgic monument from an ancient age. And, indeed, the limestone and concrete tower, built in 1869 to resemble a Gothic castle from a much more distant time, is one of the very few standing survivors of the great Chicago fire. The dynamic city has a past, and the nation's first American Water Landmark, stands as the most visible symbol of its historic legacy. 

    The Water Tower is also a vibrant part of modern Chicago, as my Chicago, Winter at the Water Tower demonstrates. A winter twilight is deepening into night, and the brilliant lights of Michigan Avenue bathe the tower's warm limestone façade in a golden glow. The light is so radiant, so luminous that it appears a festival could be taking place at the base of tower. 

    Indeed, Chicago, Winter at the Water Tower, a tourist center in the heart of the great city, is a festive place at all times. Quaint hansom cabs convey tourists to and fro, and crowds of shoppers and celebrants fill the streets at all hours. It's winter in the city; for the visitor, winter is a romantic season in Chicago, softening the city's hard lines with its shimmering light. 

-Thomas Kinkade

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