Mountain Retreat


Mountain Retreat 

Sizes: 18x27, 24x36, 28x42, 40x60 

    I am frequently told that my paintings are to many people like glimpses of heaven. With this in mind, my latest work,Mountain Retreat, might be thought of as the kind of heavenly vision that any enthusiast of country living would long for. 

    In Mountain Retreat I share a vision of nature as the Peaceable Kingdom, where man fits harmoniously into a glorious natural setting, and gentle creatures - wild turkeys, deer, and ducks - live without fear. A bubbling brook flows serenely past the sturdy log cabin, feeding a crystal clear pool where the weary wanderer might pause to swim or cast his fly rod for plump brook trout. 

    Mountain Retreat, first work in a new series that bears the same name, is the spiritual heir to my well known print from 2002, "A Peaceful Retreat." Like the earlier painting, Mountain Retreat explores the nuances of man's interaction with nature. An enamel coffee pot stands next to the campfire, smoke curls from the cabin's chimney, and golden light pours from the windows. 

    The last rays of sunset light up the clouds and touch the trees with a radiant fire. I particularly like the dramatic effect of light on the oak trees at the left, which reminds us that God is the greatest painter of all. For the collector who enjoys cabin settings, I hope this latest addition will become a new favorite. I invite you to come and sit beside the campfire with me, pull up a log stump to sit upon, and enjoy the sounds of this peaceful setting in nature's paradise. 

    -Thomas Kinkade

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