Sizes: 18x24, 25.5x34, 30x40
Releases: June 2005 

    The thatch-roofed cottages of rural England have charmed and intrigued me; the splendid manor houses scattered throughout the countryside have tantalized me with their taste of noble living. But I have never before painted the great English metropolis, the bustling, light filled jewel of nostalgia and history that is London. 

    London is the rarest of contemporary cities - at once rich with picturesque landmarks and invigorated by modern energies. I set up my easel at just this spot to capture its two faces. I painted within the shadows of Westminster Bridge, ancient and massive, while a regal sunset illuminated the reflections of the House of Parliament and the Tower of Big Ben in the silvery water of the Thames. 

    A stately old tug boat passed by as I painted and I decided to include it in my London. I had some fun with the river, hiding the periscope of a vintage submarine in its depths - perhaps an outgrowth of my recent readings regarding London's participation as our ally during the war my father fought in - World War II. And does that bottle bobbing under the bridge hold a love letter to my wife Nanette, or is it instead a love letter to this glorious city? 

    -Thomas Kinkade

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