Living Waters

Living Waters

Golfer's Paradise, Hole 1
Sizes: 18x24, 25.5x34, 30x40
Publish Date: August, 2005

"If there were a golf course in Heaven ..." 

    Like many people of faith, I have often contemplated the glories of heaven. In fact, collectors have often told me that, to them, my paintings are like little glimpses of heaven. Though such comments might seem whimsical, my recent readings have suggested that there may be many similarities between earth and heaven. In fact, some theologians speculate that heaven might be a perfected form of our earthly dwelling - almost like a renewed Garden of Eden for us to enjoy. Christ said he would prepare a mansion for us - could he also prepare a divine garden setting where in we might pursue a recreational game or two? (Or two or three thousand?)

    Imagine the possibilities: not a care to interrupt the stroll through the verdant grounds, not a deadline to interfere, not an interruption to beckon. Bliss, pure and simple, and a fragrant walk through the morning light as one pursues the perfect round.

    To me golf has always been about the search for the ideal - the enjoyment of a perfected landscape. Step up to the gilded tee markers at Golfer's Paradise and take a swing at your first shot. In the distance we see the glowing flag denoting the hole some 280 yards away. Edge your way past the dogwood tree and follow the fairways into the luminous distance. Savor the peacefulness and beauty that for many golfers is the very essence of the game.

    See you on the links!

    -Thomas Kinkade
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