Salt Lake: City of Lights

Salt Lake: City of Lights

Sizes: 18x36, 24x48, 30x60
Publish Date: October, 2005

   On a trip to Salt Lake City many years ago I was enamored with the lingering effects of dusk on the distant mountains and the way in which the lights of the city began to twinkle as the shadows of the mountains enveloped the skyline. I decided then and there to attempt to capture the city when the timing was right. And now the timing is perfect! 

   As I worked on Salt Lake: City of Lights, I constantly balanced the desire to infuse the historic details of the city (for example the towering capitol building at the far left and the famous tabernacle and temple of the Mormon Church in the right middle) with touches of the newer buildings and skyline. The Delta Center seen at the far right stands in contrast with the cluster of smaller buildings that make up the foreground and distance, and the many skyscrapers needed occasional alterations to complete the composition with balance and poise. 

   In the end, I'm confident that this epic painting (the original is over 6 feet wide) does justice to the vision that captured me years ago when I was dazzled by the lights of Salt Lake City. As a capitol city, Salt Lake City ranks right up there in my mind with other enchanting capitols I've painted, be it Washington DC, Paris, London or others. Here truly is a historic city that shines like a jewel in the desert. Here truly is a city of lights. 

   -Thomas Kinkade
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