Lakeside Manor


Lakeside Manor

Mansions in Paradise 1
Sizes: 18x27, 24x36, 28x42, 40x60
Release Date: April 2006

  "In my Father's house are many mansions..." John 14:2

    In His intriguing account of the promise of Paradise, Jesus proclaimed that each of us will find a welcoming home amidst its "many mansions." In my new Mansions in Paradise series, I turn my artist's eye away from the humble cottages of village and town and toward more majestic dwellings. My goal in this series is to create mansions truly worthy of a paradise, whether earthly or heavenly. 

    My vision of Paradise includes the idyllic, tranquil landscapes that I like to think of as "heaven on earth." What could be more sublime than a serene lake reflecting the majesty of the heavens in its mirror-like surface? The gardens of Paradise are lavish with flowers; the weather, surely, is what we like to think of as "a perfect Spring day." In my Paradise, radiant sunsets last for hours. 

    At once majestic and comfortably human in scale, Lakeside Manor, first in my new series, nestles along the shore of this cobalt blue lake. Here is a grand mansion complete with cozy nooks where you might comfortably settle in for a warming cup of tea or a long evening's conversation. A weathered old stone bridge invites visitors to stroll the verdant grounds, while the brook at the left provides a tranquil background murmur sure to make the spirit soar. 

   -Thomas Kinkade

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