Disneyland 50th Anniversary


Disneyland 50th Anniversary

Sizes: 18x27, 24x36,28x42
Publish Date: September, 2005

    How many children have stood at this very spot, eyes wide with wonder at their first glimpse of Sleeping Beauty Castle, since Disneyland opened fifty years ago?

    I was one. On our annual visits to grandma's house, we never failed to make a stop at the Disneyland Park. I'm sure that some of my romantic ideas about architecture were formed as I wandered these fabulous grounds.

    When the Disneyland 50th Anniversary gala was announced, I jumped at the chance to paint this place of joyous memories.

    I was given special permission to set up my easel on Main Street to paint a plein air study. Swarms of people gathered round to watch and encourage as I painted Sleeping Beauty Castle, soon to be festooned with decorations, flags, and banners celebrating Disneyland's 50th. I couldn't resist painting my own family, buying balloons at the lower right of the canvas, among the diverse crowd.

    The drama of sunset in my Disneyland 50th Anniversary suggests the end of an era, while the glowing lights at the base of the castle remind us that a new age of imagination and celebration awaits.

    - Thomas Kinkade

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