The Spirit of New York


The Spirit of New York

Release Date: November 2006
Sizes: 12x24, 18x36, 24x48, 30x60

    On a recent trip to New York with my family, we got the chance to boat on the East River, enjoying seldom-seen views of the city. As I savored the sights, I began to sense the pulsing rhythm of this great metropolis. It dawned on me: The Spirit of New York is a mix of courage, resolve, and an indomitable sense of celebrating life in all its diversity. As I gazed up at the mighty Brooklyn Bridge I realized that this vast panoramic view of the city is alive with the energy and vitality that make New York unique in all of the world. What image could better summarize The Spirit of New York in all its radiant energy? 

    As I labored on the epic canvas (over six feet in length and three feet in height), I came to see the many boats upon the East River as somehow symbolic of the many facets of New York. The humble harbor tug flying Old Glory - the hardest-working boat on the river - expresses New York's tremendous resolve in the face of challenges. Cargo ships remind us of the economic power of this busy port, while a military vessel suggests the power of heroism resident in the great city. In the distance, a vintage East River ferry harkens back to New York's colorful history and an array of pleasure boats on the river confirm that the city still knows how to throw a party. 

    In the far distance, Lady Liberty still holds the torch of freedom high, while clouds dance overhead like a legion of angels guarding the jewel beneath. 

    - Thomas Kinkade

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