Mount Arbel


Mount Arbel

Size: 18x24
Release Date: September 2006

    I carried my paint and canvas up the windy heights of Mount Arbel to capture this dramatic view of the Sea of Galilee. The towering mountain cliffs frame a clear view of this famous body of water. Galilee is the heart of bible country; nearly a half-dozen of the small towns that figure prominently in the New Testament are visible (if barely) from these heights. I wanted to sense the relationship of places, the distances involved, in the region that is central to Jesus' ministry. When I began to paint this dramatic view of the distant sea, I think I understood how tight knit a world this truly is. 

    Brisk breezes chased the clouds across the sky, challenging me with a vista of quickly moving shadows. My vantage point was none-too-secure, and I knew how rapidly the winds could pick up, whipping the distant sea into foam. I had no interest in testing nature's caprices, so I painted with a real sense of urgency and retired from the precipice. I think this sense of excitement adds an element of drama to Mount Arbel. 

    -Thomas Kinkade

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