Tower of David



Tower of David

Size: 18x24
Release Date: September 2006

    Here is a famous view of the old city of Jerusalem from the West. I came here on a golden afternoon to capture what may well be the oldest portion of the old city wall during a time of day when it seems energized, even rejuvenated, by the vibrant sun. I was not quite prepared for the opportunity; I didn't have a canvas large enough to capture the soaring towers properly. I was able to find a wooden panel which was originally part of an Arab merchant's packing crate. Happily, it held the paint quite satisfactorily.

    The Tower of David has become a recognized landmark, viewed by many as the symbol of Jerusalem. I think the view is, quite simply, one of the most dramatic and inspiring that I know. I was pleased to see that biblically significant plants - the dignified cypress and the broom plant with its luxurious yellow flowers - are abundant in this place. 

    For a vision of the Old City that encompasses a great sweep of time, taking us to the era of Jesus and hundreds of years before, the vista of the Tower of David is unsurpassed. 

    -Thomas Kinkade

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