The Garden Tomb


The Garden Tomb

Size: 24x18
Release Date: September 2006

    When, a hundred years ago, leading Protestants were looking for a possible site for the resurrection, some of them settled on this remarkably peaceful and inspirational tomb. Modern archaeology questions The Garden Tomb. as the actual place where Christ's body was taken, but the setting remains a site of uncommon dignity and tranquility. 

    As I painted The Garden Tomb,. I allowed myself to believe that this could have been the scene of the miracle after all. The open tomb is empty; its shadowy interior is thrilling to enter - it seems to whisper words of comfort to my spirit. On the wooden door a small plaque bears an inscription from scripture: He is not here, For He is risen. 

    The massive stone wheel is appropriate to the period. Two thousand years ago, Jewish tombs were sealed by rolling a stone wheel across the entrance. Later, they'd open the tomb and remove the body to its final resting place. When Christ's disciples came to reclaim His body, they discovered an empty tomb - and a new faith was born.

    -Thomas Kinkade
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