Sunrise, Sea of Galilee


Sunrise, Sea of Galilee

Size: 24x18
Release Date: September 2006

    My wife and I spent the night at a kibbutz on the Sea of Galilee, near locations which were the very heart and soul of Jesus' ministry. We even dined that evening on fish that were caught in that historic sea. Jesus preached to the simple, humble fisher folk who lived on the shores of Galilee. He chose His disciples from among the industrious, decisive, self-confident men who operated the fishing boats that plied its waters. Peter and Andrew, James and John - who were the rocks upon which our Lord built his church - were Galilee fisherman. 

    I awoke early to capture the effect of sunrise on these holy waters. But I wanted Sunrise, Sea of Galilee to celebrate the grace of the fishing boats that work these waters today, as they did when the fishermen of Galilee became the earliest Christian disciples. I shifted my position imaginatively so that I could include both the handsome fishing boat and the distant hills painted gold by the glory of morning sun. Sunrise, Sea of Galilee reflects the dawn of our hope. 

    -Thomas Kinkade

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