Jerusalem Sunset


Jerusalem Sunset

Size: 18x24
Release Date: September 2006

    When I painted Jerusalem Sunset, I placed my easel on the Mount of Olives, looking toward the Temple Mount, where Jesus preached during the last week of His ministry. This is a view of the Old City from the East; the ancient stones of the Eastern, or Golden, Gate greet us as they greeted our Lord two thousand years ago. Tradition holds that the Messiah will make his appearance, whether for the first or second time, through this very Golden Gate. 

    I set up my canvas on holy ground when I painted Jerusalem Sunset, then chased the rapidly setting sun so I could establish the effect of God's presence in this sacred spot. Christ is known to have slept among the ancient trees of the Mount of Olives during the last week of His ministry. The Dome of the Rock, sacred to three religions, is on the left. 

    Jerusalem Sunset was the first painting I created in the Holy Land - this is appropriate since the timeless walls of Jerusalem are a symbol of faith to countless people. 

    -Thomas Kinkade

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