Fenway Park
















  Fenway Park

Sizes: 18x24, 25.5x36, 30x40, 40x60
Publish Date: March 2008

    As a classic medium, painting has given me the chance to celebrate classics of American culture. I've painted the fabled mansion of Elvis Presley, the towers of the Brooklyn Bridge and the skyline of San Francisco. I've even set up my easel in theme parks and palaces of American sports in my search to commemorate bits of history. Boston's Fenway Park™ is an example of history in the making - it is one of the ultimate shrines of baseball. 

    Fenway Park™, the oldest Major League™ ballpark, opened in 1912. The towering Green Monster(tm) wall looms over a short left field; Pesky Pole in right field yields the shortest homers in the majors. A lone red seat in right field marks the landing place of Ted Williams' mighty 1946 shot. 

    I brought my watercolors to the park for the clinching Game 7 of the 2007 ALCS™. Returning to California, I translated the original study into a colorful suggestion of energy and detail. Then with layer upon delicate layer I built up the painting. First acrylic to add texture and toning, then transparent glazes of oil color followed by broad impasto strokes. 

    I hope the final result captures the energy of the moment. Though there is nothing like being there in person, hopefully myFenway Park™ can remind many baseball fans of the historic 2007 World Series™. 

    -Thomas Kinkade

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