A New Day at Cinderella's Castle













A New Day at the Cinderella Castle

Sizes: 18x24, 25.5x34, 30x40
Publish Date: October 2007

    Two of the dream-memories we take from childhood on our life's journey, if we are fortunate, are the wonder and excitement of Disney World and the soaring majesty of castles. 

    Perhaps that is why the Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World, Orlando, is such an enchanting inspiration to young and old. My family makes a pilgrimage to this favorite spot on every visit. This year, I went in my imagination to explore a vision of the regal castle gently kissed by the golden light of a perfect day. 

    A New Day at the Cinderella Castle discovers a morning every bit as festive and delightful as the castle itself. A double rainbow arcs over the towering castle; fluffy clouds dapple its many towers with light and shade. Lavish, rainbow-hued trees and shrubs frame the building; quaint gas lamps dance along the walkway. 

    I used a more whimsical style in keeping with the subject: Is Bambi on the lawn? Tinkerbell above the castle spires? The Ugly Duckling in the pond? You decide. 

    -Thomas Kinkade

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