Spirit of Christmas


Spirit of Christmas

Spirit of Christmas I
Sizes: 18x27, 24x36, 28x42
Publish Date: September 2007

    Christmas is the season when I wrap myself in warm memories. I remember the enchanting times we had hanging ornaments when my kids were young and my own delight at the colors of Christmas lights. I like to imagine that I can remember the warmth of Victorian Christmases, as well. 

    I experience all those layers of memory as I walk down Spirit of Christmas, the first in my new Christmas series in which I attempt to suggest the very essence of the season. Skaters swoop and spin on the frozen stream; a snowman greets passersby on the bank. A wonderful evening mail coach carries trumpet-blowing heralds across the weathered stone bridge. 

    Welcoming lights pour from the windows of the whimsical cottages; the golden glow of sunset spills from the sky and glistens on the ground surrounding the regal chapel tower. 

    Spirit of Christmas is inspired by the classic holiday icons of image makers like Currier and Ives. I hope it awakens your own deepest memories of the "season of lights". 

    -Thomas Kinkade

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